5 Benefits of Implementing a Biometrics Attendance System in Commercial Setups and Offices

Biometrics attendance system


Managing attendance of employees in a commercial setup may appear basic but in reality, is a daunting task. Implementation of an advanced biometric-enabled access control system can help. Apart from providing an accurate picture of the payroll, it is a great measure to add security, track productivity and thwart attendance abuse.

Biometrics attendance system

Need a flexible system to record hours and streamline the entire attendance process in your organisation? Consider a biometrics terminal! The futuristic device uses innovative technology to match fingerprints and other physical characteristics with those fed in the terminal’s memory. It not only ensures accurate logging of employee attendance in the work environment but also strengthens security by restricting/granting entry of personnel to specific areas. Let’s delve into five major advantages of installing a biometric scanner in a commercial setup.

  1. Precise Identification:

The biometric machine uses physical traits like iris scans and fingerprints that are unique and distinct to update the attendance of employees. Unlike other authentication measures like passwords, PIN codes and swiping cards which are fraught with loopholes, the automatic attendance recording mechanism boasts a high rate of accuracy. It identifies the employees with precision when they enter/exit the job site, thereby guaranteeing that they are paid for the actual time worked.

  1. Reduce and Avoid Time Theft:

The terminal can recognise or reject an individual in a matter of a few seconds. Hence there is no scope for spoof, forgery or duplication. The clocking apparatus inhibits the execution of deceitful strategies like buddy punching, signing in late, enjoying extended breaks or leaving early. Prevention of time theft and other unproductive activities can have a positive impact on the payroll budget and in turn, strengthen the company’s bottom line.

  1. Makes Personnel more Accountable:

Many organisations have systems that allow workers to clock in via smartphones, tablets or laptops. While this seems like a reasonably convenient procedure, it can make people lax and non-compliant. They can claim wages for time spent elsewhere. The biometrics mechanism that requires the employees to be physically present at the site to register attendance tends to improve punctuality and check absenteeism. It makes the workforce more responsible and accountable.

  1. Improves Efficiency:

If you want to enhance the efficiency of your workforce, biometrics may be the solution. The clock-in system records timekeeping details with precision and alerts the payroll department of the real-time put in by employers at the desk. Based on the available data, disciplinary action can be initiated against truants and free-riders who may be duping the authorities. Also, diligent workers doing extra time/overtime are noticed and rewarded accordingly. The appreciation boosts employee morale which enhances their efficiency. A big plus for the enterprise!

  1. Increased Security:

Biometrics attendance system not only improves payroll processing but also has the potential to intensify the security of the work environment. The authentication system is truly fool-proof.  It makes certain that only authorised personnel can enter the premises. And yes, the technology can be used to monitor and control access to restricted areas within the workplace to ensure that confidential information and sensitive data remains safe and protected.

What say, ready to integrate biometric attendance technologies in your organisation?  Given the numerous benefits, it’s inarguably a smart choice for modern commercial enterprises.

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