4 Unique Bridal Wear Trends For 2019

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A Wedding is the most important day in a girls life. Every girl aspires to be a perfect bride dressed in red adorned with her bridal ensemble. At a wedding a bride is the centre of attraction and she with her killer looks steals the limelight. With changing times the traditional outfits have become a concept of the past the modern day weddings are all about the brides flaunting contemporary and offbeat outfits.

With changing times the Wedding Decor has revolutionized the concept of wedding roping in newer trends each year. Right from classy Beach Wedding Theme wedding gowns to quirky lehenga designs there are several options available for the bridal wear. Are you getting hitched sooner? You must be then searching for top bridal wear in Kolkata, Delhi or wherever you’re planning to tie the knot in. Do you wish to stay high on vogue and flaunt your fashion sense at the wedding? Well then to help you out we present the best bridal wear trends for this year’s wedding season. Check em’ out brides.


1. Pastels

The soft and soothing hues of the pastel color is the reason why it can been picked as the color for this year’s wedding. The shimmery red lehengas have become a talk of the past. Breaking the monotony of red being the primary color for a bride’s out pastel attires have taken over the wedding industry. The whimsical hues of the pastel shade ooze femininity which is why they have been approved by Bollywood town celebrities such as Sonakshi Sinha, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Disha Patani. The vibrant hues of pastels which include shades such as lavender, peach, turquoise, mint green, sunset yellow and ocean blue is why is has gained much popularity. The cooling effect of the pastel shade outfit make it to look appealing to the eyes.

2. Themed Outfits

2019 is all about having themed weddings. When you can have themed weddings then why not have themed outfits? The industry has embraced the trend of wedding themes with open arms and has made it a part of the apparels as well. Right from princess cut dress to love story lehengas several themed outfit ideas are available in the wedding industry. The themed outfits enable the bride to colo coordinate with the wedding theme.

3. Gown Saree

Six yards of elegance, six yards of grace that is what a saree is all about. No matter which outfit an Indian girl dons but saree is what brings out her true beauty. The best thing about sarees is that it enables you to look classy and gorgeous. If you think that managing the six yard of drape is way too difficult for you and yet you still would want to wear it then consider giving the gown saree a try. The beautiful and bold look achieved from a gown saree is why it is the apt choice for flaunting at engagements, sangeet and reception.

4. Statement Hues

Don’t worry is the soft hues of pastels are not your thing as the bridal industry has kept in mind the needs of all brides and roped in statement hues as a trend for those who love dark hues. A wedding outfits in statement hues such as royal blue, electric blue, sea green, bright yellow, burnt orange enables the bride to stand apart from the league.

So these are a few bridal wear trends for this year’s wedding season. Which ones are you following? Share with us about your choice and opinion on the post in the comments below.